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“Working out is a big part of my routine but I can’t work hard enough to out pace a poor diet. The fact is that I feel better about myself when I fit comfortably into the clothes I like to wear. Body Technologies has it all. They put safe and effective plans together, keep me motivated, and encourage me even when I’m not ‘feeling it’.”


“I love knowing that the work I put in with Orson at Body Technologies keeps me looking my best. When I am out with the girls I feel confident with my appearance and that starts with my fitness. The exercise and eating plans are built with my needs in mind which makes them easy to follow.”

Jenny H Client

“I love coming to Body Technologies! As an Executive VP I travel frequently, which means I get stiff and bound up if I don’t get my exercise sessions in while I’m home. Orson does a great job of keeping me motivated and on track. For the last several years these workouts have made a serious improvement to, what I call, ‘my physical enrichment’.”

Jim D long time client

“When i come to Scottsdale for the winter months I love spending time with my trainer Gary. I know that he’ll do all the right things to help me reach my best fitness form. It’s that peace of mind that makes my decision to show up at Body Technologies every January a simple one.”

Bill R 12 year client

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