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Body composition measurements for health and performance with the Bod Pod Proven accuracy using whole-body density measurement. Provides information on fat and fat-free mass, Resting


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Where I come to get in shape!

Scottsdale is a place where many people spend their winters because they take pleasure in the climate and all the opportunities to enjoy life that come with it. Our clients put a premium on their fitness and know that every time they come back to Body Technologies they’ll be as fit as they can to take advantage of their time here. We can never beat Father Time, but we can cut our losses. I’ve been a client of Body Technologies for 8 years. As a snow bird, I work out there with my trainer, Gary Wolf, three days a week. In January, Gary and I set specific goals. Here are examples of two years: Date % Fat Fat Wt. Lean Wt. Total Wt. Jan 2004 30.4 64.1 114 208.6 April 2004 24.5 48.7 149.7 198.3 Totals -5.9 -15.4 +5.7 -10.3 Jan 2010 30.8 64.1 143.8 207.9 April 2010 27.7 56.1 146.3 202.4 Totals -3.1 -8.0 +2.5 -5.4 As you can see, we almost made it back to the 2004 goal. I’m lifting more weight and doing more aerobic exercise than I was doing in 2004. As a 68 year old male, I can testify that the program at Body Technologies works. Better yet, I can show you numbers to prove it works.

Bill R

Best I’ve ever felt

This month (May, 2010) I will attend my 400th session at Body Technologies. I have had both the opportunity and privilege to train with Gary Wolf two days a week since October, 2008. Gary is a true professional that listens to my needs, goals, and wants. Whether I want to go all out or have some aches to deal with, Gary knows when to push and when to have me back off and take it easy. Gary is both patient and persistent. My personality is to do everything in excess - including working, playing, eating and working out. If it wasn’t for my early morning appointment with Gary, I would hate to think about how I might look and their BOD POD helps me keep my body composition in the proper perspective. I recommend Gary Wolf and Body Technologies to anyone that wants the assistance and personal attention to get and stay in good physical shape.

Mark E

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