A world class facility with top rated trainers at your service.

Personal training has a place for anyone trying to improve their health and wellness. No longer can we ignore the relevance of staying physically fit for a sound mind and body We live in an age where we continue to spend more money each year on health care with virtually no improvements in our quality of life. It is clear that no other lifestyle choice has done as much for improving our quality of life as being physically fit.

Gary at the gym

Our clients put a premium on their fitness. They know that investing in their health needs now affords them better health in the future. That knowledge provides them the comfort in knowing they will be able to enjoy the things that matter most to them in life. What matters to you?

There are many barriers that get in the way of practicing good health and fitness behaviors including time, money, fear, and even insecurity about a gym. Body Technologies Gym is all about providing an environment that fosters the behaviors needed to get you past those issues that in the past have held you back.

Remember you are unique and to meet your health and fitness goals you require a program that is focused on you. At Body Technologies Gym you not only have a personal trainer, you have a personal health and fitness liaison. Your trainer will work hard developing a relationship with you that transcends exercises. You will learn, as others have, that your Body Technologies trainer is your connection to all kinds of health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness related topics. We’ll be here for you.