Hitting Institute 2020 Summer Camp Opportunities

Developing a dynamic set of athletic skills is important for athletes that play baseball. Body Technologies’ summer camp series is a great opportunity¬† to master new talents or improve on those you already have, no matter what sport you play. If you are looking to improve your athletic skills over the summer we have a program for you. You’ll get¬† over 3 hours per day to learn how to move better, gain more strength, and become a better all around player.
1 week camps
4 days (Monday-Thursday)

To provide a more challenging environment campers will be divided in two groups of players, ages 10-12 and 13-15. This stratification will allow for effective summer training throughout the camp. Learn the skills related to your sport while becoming familiar with the techniques needed to perfect your swing, throwing and running.

Baseball - You'll work on position specific mechanics of fielding and throwing as well as become familiar with our 3 pillars of a controlled and powerful swing.

Strength - It is never tool early to begin learning how to develop strength. An age appropriate strength program will be generated for each camper.

Speed and Agility - This component is critical in the development process of all athletes. You'll learn how to control your body as you accelerate, stop and change direction.

3 week camps
4 days (Monday - Thursday)
3 weeks

A progressive designed camp that will provide safe and effective variations to continuously challenges players throughout the age range (10-12yrs & 13-15 yrs). All drills, exercises, and instruction within each elements will be age appropriate to maximize the experience of all campers.

Week 1 - You will learn the fundamental requirements of each element of the camp paying special attention to detail. This serves as the foundation for our advanced lessons.

Week 2 - Building on the advanced techniques learned in the previous week you'll have the ability to test your skills with more challenging tasks.

Week 3 - We advance the training program by adding more skill based activities to further test your abilities. Tests and measurements are used to further enhance your experience.

Limited to space availability

Participants will have the opportunity to use all that Body Technologies has to offer. From speed and agility to the Hitting Institute to strength training you'll enjoy training in our indoor climate controlled facilities.

Hitting Institute - Check your batting metrics with the HitTrax simulator or challenge yourself with a wicked curve ball from the e-Hack Attack pitching machine. It's all there for you.

Indoor and climate controlled, Body Technologies offers an advanced training facility. Our comprehensive training program has been developed with the latest technology available.

This 3.5 hour camp gives you full access to Body Technologies professionally managed facility. Our expert instructors will guide you through your workouts each day you attend.


1 week camps

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3 week camps

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You may sign up for an individual day – space permitting.
There will be a maximum of 10 kids in the camp each day.
please call for reservations: