Body Technologies Personal training is a whole body-experience.

Whether or not you are trying to prolong the prime of your life or just maximize it we’ll bring motivation, excitement, dedication, and accountability into every workout. Our true studio environment minimizes distractions and lets us stay focused on you.

Body Technologies was founded in 1996 by fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur Orson (O. A.) Kinney. The company’s mission simply was to apply the advances in exercise science into main-stream personal training programs.

Having earned a degree in exercise science and spending his entire collegiate career using strength and conditioning strategies to enhance his baseball skill set, Kinney was committed to using technology to advance his cause.

Kinney’s new strategies were inspired by long-time recognized weight lifting programs along with innovative scientifically sound approaches. This included using heart rate monitors, advanced body fat measurement techniques, and oxygen consumption measurement. Simply put these programs were what you’d find in the most advanced exercise science labs in the country.

“Body Technologies never strayed from its commitment to provide the best personal training options for its clientele and we are still doing it today. If you are ready to give us a try we'll do everything we can to show you just how important your health and fitness is to us.”

Orson Kinney

Founder, Body Technologies

Body Technologies Team

The team is made up of a talented group of exercise professionals that are truly passionate about what they do and are committed to helping their clients feel better, look better, and perform better.

Human Performance Innovation

Body Technologies personal training program changes how the fitness enthusiast thinks about their workout. There is always a purpose, never a random stab at the latest fad which promises impressive results but doesn’t deliver. Our programs bring the client along the journey towards better fitness ensuring they stay motivated and engaged.

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