Body Technologies’s youth strength and conditioning program Hitting Institute was developed with an idea to disrupt the traditional batting cage environment. By creating a true professionally managed indoor practice facility our athletes experience a training environment like no other where they can perfect their swings and master their baseball skills.. Through many hours of research, site visits, and collaboration with successful baseball training facilities in Omaha, NE – home of the NCAA College World Series, we have created innovative individual and team practice programs. Combine that with our very own scouting report derived from our skills assessment program, no other batting cage facility in Scottsdale looks or feels like Body Technologies’ Hitting Institute.

With our sliding batting cage design we can configure the space with up to 7 different hitting areas. Our main 80 ft. batting cage, 35 ft short batting cage, 60 ft. auxiliary cage, tee and soft toss areas, and bullpen allow for both groups and teams. The Hitting Institute is a one-of-a-kind facility that you have to see for yourself.