train at Body Technologies

As a long-time resource for personal trainers and fitness instructors here in North Scottsdale we know that there are options out there, whether as an independent contractor or as an employee. What attracts trainers to Body Technologies is an exceptionally equipped 3,000 sq. ft., training studio, well kept and cleaned facilities, as well as an honest and upfront professional management team. We have come to learn that we serve a niche that is very attractive to a certain type of independent contractor trainer because with all of the amenities we offer we still maintain a private atmosphere. Your clients will never have to wait for equipment or feel intimidated by gym members because we don’t have gym members. Our trainers know that their clients are looking for a private training experience and that is what you get at Body Technologies. It’s not only that our trainers have great technical skills that set them apart from other, but they have great personal attributes which allows them to connect with their clients. Body Technologies is more than just a gym it’s a community comprised of great trainers and great clients. The clients who come through Body Technologies have come to expect exceptional health and fitness instruction in an environment that fosters physical enrichment. We could be the first step towards something big in your personal training endeavors so feel free to give us a call or just stop by to learn more about what we offer. You won’t be disapointed.

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