Our History with the BOD POD

Body Technologies was first to introduce the BOD POD to Arizona and Colorado in 1996 for its clients that were looking to tackle their weight loss needs. In the beginning we would transport the BOD POD to Valley health clubs and spas in a custom trailer. This provided a big advantage for us as we could bring the BOD POD into facilities where gym members and spa patrons felt much more comfortable. Back then the only other option was to jump in  a tank of water out in the parking lot and go through the old underwater weighing procedure. The BOD POD offered many advantages over traditional body fat measurement tools and it quickly became a big hit with those trying for weight loss as well as athletes and the fitness enthusiast.

In 2008 we opened our first clinic which allowed us to offer a consistent experience to our clients. Many people were looking to measure their body fat on a consistent basis so deciding to open a measurement clinic in Scottsdale made a lot of sense. The client knew where we were at and we could better engage with them to help them reach their goals. We still have clients from time to time that call and say, “I remember testing with you guys back at the Bally Total Fitness in 1998, do you still have my records?” We love hearing from old clients and believe it is a testament to the life long battle we all have with weight loss and our desire to understand just how our bodies deal with it.

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