Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Scale

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 6.00.59 PMFor many of us, when we step on the scale we are just praying the number hasn’t gone up. This little ol’ number can often set the tone for our entire day. We may even let this number impact our judgements of progression, body image, and ultimately mood. But should we really hold this number so highly?

When you step on the scale, the number you see is a measure of your weight (DUH!). This “weight” however, is comprised of not only fat, but also your muscle, bones, and water weight. On a given day, this number can fluctuate pretty dramatically. All too often, people who look to the scale for advice are reducing calories and exercising more in an attempt to combat the increase they see on the scale. However, we do not know the source of these fluctuations by simply looking at the number on the scale.


Instead of chasing numbers on the scale, we are better off looking at body composition measurements such as fat free mass and body fat. In an ideal situation, most of us would like to see the fat free mass increasing or staying the same, as body fat decreases. This relationship is indicative of true fat loss and a successful body composition adjustment.


There are many different ways in which someone can have their body composition analyzed, but not all are equal. In the past, the Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), was considered the “gold standard” in body composition testing. In more recent times, the BodPod has taken its place for a variety of reasons.


The DEXA utilizes an X-ray, which we all know can be very dangerous to our health and invasive to our privacy. It is also very expensive to operate with some testing facilities charging upward to $150 for a single test! The BodPod utilizes air displacement plethysmography to provide extremely accurate body composition measurements comparable to the DEXA. The BODPOD is supported by research and organizations across the country, including the NFL.

“We feel air displacement plethysmography is the best instrument at this time for tracking body composition, starting in infancy and forward into adulthood.” Fields et al. (2015).

“Our data indicates that BodPod is a robust alternative to DEXA for body fat estimation.” Kruger et al. (2013).

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.31.16 PM

Not only can the BodPod provide you with extremely accurate measurements of body composition, but it can also calculate resting metabolic rate. With this information, daily energy expenditure can be more accurately determined to provide precise exercise and nutritional prescription to assist in reaching your personal goals.


So next time you step on the scale, don’t forget! A number is just a number. Body composition is KING.

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