Meet Cameron Bayne, Personal Trainer at Body Technologies

Cameron is new to Body Technologies, brining with him a variety of health, fitness, and sport related skills. As a professional athlete “Cam” knows his way around weight room and athletic fields.

Through perseverance and understanding how to overcome obstacles, Cam has learned how to help individuals build healthier lives. His personal training skills which he has honed in the Valley of the Sun over the last several years have proven fruitful in his quest to influence his clients on their personal journey of fat loss and lean weight gains.

What lead you into the field of exercise – specifically, why personal training?

How could I not be interested in health and fitness when, as a kid that seems to be all I did. The reality is fitness is; and will always be a part of my life. And, now with the skills as a professional trainer, helping others is a very rewarding career.

Tell us about the types of individuals you are working with currently?

My clients run the table with regards to their fitness level. Some have a high degree of fitness and some are just starting out. I do enjoy working with young athletes because of their desire to get better but, in the end I try to bring that emotion out in all of my clients. That’s the fun of it.